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About me

About me

I am Mira Zbikowska, an Dutch-Polish artist. 
My artistic journey began at the prestigious Wackers Academy in Amsterdam, where I was trained in various techniques and styles. I then further refined my skills at Academy Art Partout in Deventer. Besides many expositions

I participated in numerous fairs and art events, such as the Art Fair Eindhoven, Tour of Art of Flevoland.

About my work: I am inspired by nature, poetry and music. I want to touch and inspire others through my art. I believe art is a powerful way to bring
a space to life and convey emotions. Whether you are looking for a statement piece for your living room or a unique gift for a special person.
I am happy to help you find the perfect work of art that suits your style and personality.
So, welcome art into your life and let it inspire you at MiraArt.